If You Can't Say Something Nice...

If You Can't Say Something Nice...
Say Something Vague

Friday, September 08, 2006

So, I Had a Birthday

Yep, happy birthday to me. And what did I get??

Good Things

*A card and lunch from my co-workers (Benihana! YAY!)

*A very cool knitting gift from The Boy (the kit)

*A chicken pasty for dinner, alongside my favorite black & white cookie (procured and served by The Boy)

*A cool bracelet from my mother-in-law (it's made from the handle pattern of an old silver spoon and a silver chain, hard to describe but very pretty)

*A Happy Birthday duet on my answering machine from two of my dear girlfriends

*Happy Birthday emails

*Happy Birthday phone calls from loved ones

*A card from my father-in-law

*A card from the dean here at Whattsamatta U

Bad Things

*US government admits to secret prisons

*ABC to air propaganda-laden fake 9/11 story

*Scholastic plans to distribute fake 9/11 story based on ABC's docu-fairytale (But then they bow to pressure and pull materials off their site)

*Bush, clearly not understanding what fascist means (and how perfectly it applies to his own administration), refers to those in the Middle East who "we must defeat" as Islamo-Fascists. Repeatedly.

*The abhorrent administration refers to anti-war advocates and detractors as Nazi appeasers

*The Crocodile Hunter dies. :(

*A two-day migraine (Wed-Thurs)


So to summarize: I have great friends and family.

I have a traitorous head that likes to be mean to me on important days.

And we all have a bad government that we MUST work to neutralize by eliminating Republican control of all three branches of government, bringing in oversight and balanced political endeavors. And maybe, just maybe, impeachment proceedings.

|| Stephanie 11:52 AM

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hello, Michael*

My car talks to me. !!!!

Last week I was driving to lunch, listening to talk radio when suddenly my radio cut out. I figured it was some fluke with the station when suddenly a voice boomed out of (all 6 of) my car radio speakers, "Hello Stephanie! Our records show that you have not blah blah blah On*Star. In just a moment blah blah customer service rep blah blah." And then a woman's voice, "Hello Stephanie!"

The woman then proceeded to have an all-out conversation with me while I drove and, eventually, pulled over into a strip mall parking lot. It sort of creeped me out. I also felt like there must be a hidden camera in the car and couldn't help myself from looking around while she talked.

And then, on Friday... my car emailed me! GAH! Where will it end?

*You DO know what I'm referencing, right?

|| Stephanie 3:19 PM