If You Can't Say Something Nice...

If You Can't Say Something Nice...
Say Something Vague

Monday, October 31, 2005

Gather 'Round Children for a Scary Halloween Tale

It was still dark outside on Saturday when Stephanie and The Boy headed out to go to USC. The Boy was playing at half-time in the alumni band and had to start practice at 6:30 AM (Please bear in mind that anything before double digits in the morning is anathema to Stephanie--much like with vampires).

So The Boy went off to play his little heart out, and Stephanie stood around on her twice-sprained ankle all freakin' day. But she was happy to do it, because The Boy was so happy and in his element. And she got to talk to her mother-in-law-to-be for most of the morning, who is indeed a wonderful and not-at-all-scary type.

Eventually they went over to the stadium and Stephanie situated herself in her very good seat to wait for The Boy (said seats borrowed for the occasion from The Boy's sister, in the alumni/founder's section, pretty much on the 30 yard line).

Then the game began--and here's the scary part. The Boy again explained the basic principle of the four downs to go 10 yards thing. Something that has been explained ad nauseum by her dad, her grandfather and Jenny Smith. And yet something clicked this time and Stephanie GOT IT. She enjoyed an entire game of football. She understood what was happening. And she wants to go again.

Come out from under the bed, kiddos. It's okay. Oh, and for your further entertainment--Stephanie has a lovely sunburn on one HALF of her face. Woohoo.

|| Stephanie 4:58 PM

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Check Out My Fashion* New Shoe!

new shoe
That's hot

You're probably wondering where and why I got such an awesome (and attractive!) new shoe. Where would be the doctor. Why? Well, apparently my sprained right ankle wants to stay sprained. (If you missed sprain #1, visit Ankle Watch 2005, August 24th's post--turns out that when I took that little fall, I sprained my right ankle and damaged the nerves in my foot.) I've been to the doctor several times and had two weeks of physical therapy. I was starting to see results. Until Monday, that is...

On Monday I was returning to my office after running out to pick up lunch. Walking back I was carrying my purse, an umbrella and my lunch. Guess what all went flying when I slipped on the nice, slick wooden ramp on the way to my building? Oh, did I mention it was RAINING? Down, down into the gravel went I--and my belongings. And guess where my ankle went. That's right, at the same angle at which I sprained it the first time, directly underneath me. Instant pain led me to believe that this was a very bad thing.

Indeed it was, I found today. I have RE-sprained my sprain. And now I get the fancy boot. Oh, and I get to sport this lovely on my hip/thigh area from where it smacked into that ramp:

Ouch! Don't worry, it's just 1,000x more painful than it looks.

Ain't that loverly? I never realized just how much that section of my leg/hip comes in contact with surfaces until today: the seatbelt buckle, the arm on my desk chair, my pants....all excruciating.

Aw well, at least I get to walk around like Frankenstein's monster or a zombie for the next two weeks. And suddenly we have very large rubber mats on the two wooden ramps near where I slipped.

Woohoo! I'm rocking the must-have boot of the season, baby!

*Fashion is a term that was coined by my little sisters for when something is 'cool', 'in' or 'fashionable'

|| Stephanie 4:11 PM

Thursday, October 13, 2005

I Hope This is Okay

I hope that Randi Rhodes does not get mad at me and sue me. I am giving her full credit for the below text. This was in my newsletter from Randi Rhodes, she has a radio program on Air America. She has said in this letter exactly what I've been wanting to write on this blog for the last couple of weeks but didn't know how. I'm copying it in its entirety because it's that good.


The question has been out there for five years...What will in take for the Republicans to stop goose-stepping in perfect unison?

With all the lies, bloodshed, thievery, incompetence, corruption and flat-out treason, you would think that someone's conscience would get the best of them. But it hasn't happened. Why? Because PARTY LOYALTY trumps all, no matter how many suffer or die because of it.

Until now!

The GOP is in chaos! But not because of all the damage done to our soldiers, or the neglect of thousands of families who survived a massive hurricane only to die waiting to be rescued or worse, seperated from their children!

And not because of the wholesale slaughter of innocent Iraqis, or because those who lived through thousands of tons of bombing never saw the security, water and electricity we swore we'd bring.

Not even because of the corruption and indictments of their own leaders.

Nope, they stayed firmly behind this President even when it became clear that a criminal investigation into an act of TREASON was underway because someone in the White House wanted to exact revenge on an Ambassador who did his duty to this country.

The GOP is in chaos because the Rapture Right is learning a bitter lesson: George W Bush doesn't have religion. Unless worshipping power, money and crony capitalism counts as religion. I'll leave that up to you. But the charismatic fundamentalist, "love the fetus-hate the child" crowd that helped elect this maniac finally feels like the rest of us do...cheated, lied to and disoriented.

All of the bloodshed and death both here and abroad, all of the stealing, all of the ineptitude in the aftermath of Katrina, the proof that this country cannot respond to emergencies in a post-9/11 world, all of THIS death didn't move opinion quite like the REVELATION that George W. and the NeoCons care NOTHING about overturning Roe v. Wade.

Bush has no respect for life, unborn, born or born-again.

Oddly, it took a pathetic, fawning, corporate groupie to be nominated to the Supreme Court for the so called "Christian" Conservatives to FINALLY realize that what makes a liar a liar is nothing more than the willingness to lie.

|| Stephanie 4:44 PM

Friday, October 07, 2005

That Sounds About Right

Synthetic Transforming Entity Programmed for Hazardous Assassination, Nullification and Immediate Exploration

|| Stephanie 12:41 PM

Monday, October 03, 2005

Doesn't He Know Anyone Outside of Texas??

President Bush has named longtime friend and former Texas lottery official Harriet Miers to replace Sandra Day O'Connor on the Supreme Court.


|| Stephanie 3:21 PM