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If You Can't Say Something Nice...
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Thursday, March 31, 2005

A Trip To Laguna Beach

Warning for those who don't want to find themselves exposed to romanticism: I'm going to gush over my sweet boy who took me on this trip. You have been notified.

Since this is my last week prior to starting the new job, and the only week in awhile that I didn't have to actively hunt for a job, The Boy decided to take me on a mini-mini break to Laguna Beach. We drove down Tuesday evening, and returned last night. It was a lovely unstructured time. We went out to nice meals, visited the tide pools, looked in art galleries and shops, almost bought a $5500 watercolor, and generally relaxed. Heaven.

We hiked around going from tide pool to tide pool, climbing along rockfaces, uphill, downhill, up PCH and down PCH. It was fun and sweet and great together-time. What a lucky girl I am to have this wonderful person in my life, who looks out for me in this thoughtful way, making sure that I enjoy myself and get to have some fun before rejoining the working world.

He was also there to help me up when I fell down the smallest of inclines made by the tide and twisted my ankle. And when I tripped outside the pottery shack. And now that I have a very sore ankle.

Following are some pictures from our trip. [sigh] What a great time we had.

From the patio of C'est La Vie,
where we had an absolutely delicious breakfast

Looking down at the beach

Birds at play in the water

They look like daisies underwater, but it's really a whole bunch of anemones where the tide had deposited some goodies

The Boy

Pink and disheveled

At Sunset

I love The Boy so much. Isn't he just the sweetest? To take me on this trip (when I'm unemployed and broke), to treat me to such a great little getaway...well, he's the best. I'm so very lucky and happy.

|| Stephanie 11:17 AM

Saturday, March 26, 2005


Wow, it's been quite a ride. I have been on a lot of interviews, met with a lot of people, dealt with headhunters and agencies. And finally, it all came down to three offers this week. THREE! I had a choice of companies to go work for, all with great people and lots of opportunity.

The Boy and I weighed the options, looking at salary, benefits, career potential, etc., and I made my selection. As of April 4, I will be working for the UC Irvine Extension as a Marketing Account Executive.

I am so thrilled about this opportunity. I will be handling all of the Marketing for their IT and Engineering classes (as well as a few others), so I will get to continue to use my tech background, but I won't be working for a tech company, with all the instability that that entails (and THAT is something I know far too much about, believe you me).

The team at UCI Extension is fabulous; they couldn't have made me feel more welcomed. And the benefits are unbelievable.

So, everyone who sent me your best wishes, good vibes or prayers--THANK YOU! Hopefully soon I'll be back to posting more regularly since I'll have more interesting things to talk about. Heh.

|| Stephanie 1:26 PM