If You Can't Say Something Nice...

If You Can't Say Something Nice...
Say Something Vague

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Odds 'n Ends

I'm so tired of working. That's not to say I don't like my job, but I just really need a break. Badly. I'm off tomorrow through next Tuesday and then I have a four-day weekend after that, so I'm hoping that will help. I'm trying to finish up knitted Christmas gifts for family. We're not doing much in the way of gifts this year because of saving $$ for the wedding next June.

The Name Game

My mom bought my little sisters a new fish and asked them what they wanted to name him. According to mom, they said 'Asher', but she interpreted this as Azure, and thus named the fish Azur (no e for some reason). She told me she didn't know where they came up with the name, so precocious Nikki said, "you know, like that rap singer". Um, mom, that's Usher. With a U. Yeah, so the fish has some kind of identity crisis.


So we finished our Save-the-Date thingies. Well, one of the bridesmaids did most of the work. So I need to get those out to people. She's also going to do our invitations as her gift to us. That's amazing to me. And unbelievably helpful. So one of these days I should go look at dresses. We'll probably start hitting the shops in January. Now is the time when we have to start dealing with the nitpicky things since we did all the big stuff over the summer.

The Boy

The Boy is on break from school before he heads back to his final semester before he's an RN. He is so excited. He's already dreading going back. He just wants to be working already.

The Fam

They're doing pretty well. Mom's finally getting some resolution on her myriad health crises. Heather (biggest little sis) has survived her first semester of grad school and despite the trauma and drama, seems to be excelling amazingly. The little ones are adorable. Through an unfortunate tickle-fest, I did cause the youngest to lose her first tooth. I feel a wee bit guilty about that, but the prospect of 'free money' was too enticing to keep her upset for long. In fact, once the bleeding stopped, she couldn't wait to lose more.


I'm so tired of the 'Liberals Are Killing Christmas' folks. There's an entire rant I could give for this topic. Let me just point out for brevity's sake that this is a country that was established to be open and tolerant and welcoming of all nationalities and faiths. So if I say 'Happy Holidays' to someone, it's because I don't know who/what/if they worship. It doesn't diminish MY Christmas any. It doesn't hurt MY God for me to respect others' religious beliefs. And, you know what Bill O'Reilly? It doesn't hurt yours either. God is bigger than that. He can handle diversity. He would rather we respect one another than spill blood in His name. So get off your high horse built of diversionary tactics to keep people from examining the corruption of this administration, shut your pie hole, and have a Merry Christmas. Or a Happy Chaunkkah. Or a festive Kwanzaa. Or a joyous consumer-fest. Whatever.

Whew. And that's about as exciting as my life has been. So, having said all that, I'm off for a bit. Off to celebrate the faith that I follow with handmade gifties for a few family members, some mental relaxation for me and some sleeping in. I wish you the best.

Happy Whatever Holiday You Follow/Support/Choose!

|| Stephanie 12:44 PM

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Finally! The Truth is Revealed!

Voice Of God Revealed To Be Cheney On Intercom


|| Stephanie 9:49 AM

Friday, December 02, 2005

I-I-I Gotta Pee!*

I drink a lot of water. I mean A LOT. Probably gallons every single day. Which, naturally, means I spend a lot of time, um, getting rid of all that water. I'm amazed, frankly, that my company hasn't started deducting this time from my vacation. I have to visit the WC quite frequently. I'm just waiting for the day that they announce the decision to fit me out with a catheter so that I don't even have to leave my desk anymore.

It's gotten me wondering if there's something wrong with me. I mean physiologically; I'm aware of all my other problems, thanks. Last week on Gray's Anatomy this guy had some condition with really high sodium levels that made him think he was thirsty all the time. It was so bad that when they wouldn't give him any water to drink, he locked himself in the bathroom and drank from the toilet. I don't think I could ever get quite that bad (despite all my frequent trips to the facilities, I'm not a fan of toilets as drink receptacles). But I do wonder if I should be worried.

There's really no reason for this post; it's just the way my brain works. Sometimes I think I have that adult ADD, except I can watch movies and stuff. I'm able to concentrate on books. But thoughts and conversations...those I fade in and out of--maybe it's my hermit-tendencies taking over?

Happy Friday

*Anybody know where my title comes from? It's sort of obscure unless you know your Broadway pretty well.

|| Stephanie 12:20 PM